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About Me

About Me My name is Art Ward. Years ago I was engaged in dyslexia research at the University of Pittsburgh. In an attempt to develop some common sense in the subject area, I underwent training and certification at the Children's Dyslexia Center of Pittsburgh and taught there for several years. I learned that tutoring was great fun, and deeply satisfying. However, correctly preparing individualized lesson plans was painful, and horribly slow.

One day the director at the center asked me to add an additional student. I would have loved to, and I could spare the additional couple of hours a week in tutoring time. However I couldn't afford the extra prep time, and I had to say no. That made me wonder how many more kids could get help if tutors had access to data driven, intelligent tools for lesson prep. Because of my earlier PhD work in Intelligent Tutoring Systems, I knew I had the technical skills to create such tools. I thought it would take about a year and a half.

As it turned out, it took me five years, and I'm still polishing the details.