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Who We Serve

If you are a professional dyslexia tutor, you know how rewarding and effective tutoring can be. Our software makes it much easier to plan and deliver lessons. You can give better lessons to more kids, with less prep time!

The Problems We Address

Dyslexia tutors know how incredibly valuable OG based dyslexia instruction can be. Individualized one-on-one lessons with a trained tutor are extremely effective, and watching a student grow from tutoring is a true joy.

However, there are a lot of aspects to tutoring which are, frankly, a pain

RECORD KEEPING is difficult. The lessons are very fast paced, so there is little time to scribble notes about student performance while tutoring. The tutor is often forced to rely on memory to assess student knowledge after the lesson. Even if lesson notes are kept, they are not easily searchable, making it difficult to work out exactly how the student is doing on each of the hundreds of concepts in the curriculum. Because of this, there is uncertainty about exactly what the student needs most.

Because of this, CONCEPT SELECTION is difficult. What concepts should be targeted in the next lesson? Why? What haven't we covered lately that might need to be refreshed? What have we covered recently that didn't go well, and should be repeated? Answering these questions often requires slowly working through stacks of poorly annotated previous lessons.

WORD SELECTION is difficult. Many tutors resort to lists of words that contain a targeted phoneme, but do these words also contain elements that this particular student hasn't seen? We don't want to give the student a word if we have not already supplied the tools to decode it, but finding the right set of words is an error prone process.

SENTENCE AND TEXT SELECTION is even more difficult than word selection. We must find entire texts with words that contain all the concepts targeted in the lesson, but not concepts that this student doesn't know. Also, we don't want words to repeat between different parts of the lesson

TRAVELING to deliver the lesson has always been time consuming and inefficient. In recent months it has also been difficult due to Coronavirus restrictions.

REPORTING is almost impossible. We often administer one of the standardized reading tests at the end of a term, but have no way to monitor or report on how students are learning at the concept level, or over shorter timespans.

Many tutors feel constrained by the difficulty of producing lesson plans. They would love to help more kids, and could use the extra income, but can't afford the additional prep time that would entail.

FLUENTTUTOR helps with all these problems. It helps you create truly individualized, data-driven lesson plans in minutes rather than hours. FluentTutor allows you to deliver these lessons on tablet computers which record student performance and update the student model. It gives you the option to deliver lessons remotely, as well as in person. And it provides reporting options to monitor student performance over time.

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